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Appellate Law

Although lower courts decide issues of first impression in many cases, rulings of the lower courts aren’t final. Plaintiffs and defendants often appeal and take cases to the Appellate Court (court of appeals) for various reasons, including errors in the lower court that result in an unsatisfactory outcome. Typically, you have the right to appeal after a case has been brought to completion at the trial-court level and all channels of review within that court have been exhausted.

Our Attorneys Are Experienced In Appellate Law

An attorney with experience in appellate law will effectively identify trial-court errors and frame them for the appeals court. When we take a case on appeal, our appellate lawyers carefully review the lower court record to determine which issues are the most promising to use to obtain relief upon appeal. Appellate attorneys then write and present detailed briefs that set forth a party’s position on appeal.

Our skilled attorneys have years of experience in appellate law, and have effectively litigated a wide variety of cases in various courts of appeal. We practice before the Michigan Court of Appeals, the Michigan Supreme Court and several U.S. Courts of Appeals.

We Can Help

Whether you are considering appealing a ruling by the lower court or are a defendant in a case that is being litigated in the appellate court, the legal team at PDKST can help you navigate the often complicated issues that can arise. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Evaluation of the basis for your appeal and the likelihood of its success
  • Prosecution or defense of your appeal
  • Post-judgment settlement negotiations
  • Advising and assisting other attorneys in evaluating and pursuing appeals

Our legal team is committed to providing quality legal representation to our clients. We serve the Great Lakes Bay region and offer a wide range of legal services to various communities in Michigan. To learn more or schedule a consultation, please contact Poznak Dyer Kanar Schefsky Thompson, PLC at 989-832-1770.