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Our registered patent attorney, Bob Corbett, has 20 years of experience successfully preparing and prosecuting patent applications for clients ranging from start-ups to large corporations. He has written and prosecuted patent applications for a range of technologies, including fuel cell vehicles, hybrid-electric powertrain systems, electric vehicles, vehicle interior systems, vehicle safety systems, robotics, outdoor recreational products, and construction tools. With an engineering background and a passion for helping clients protect their ideas, he can develop a patent strategy appropriate for your objectives.

If you or your business have developed a new product, a new process, or an improvement to an existing product or process, obtaining a patent could help you or your business monetize your innovation by giving you the right to stop others from copying your invention. If you are in the business of making, using, or selling the products, a patent will give you a significant advantage over your competitors. If your invention has value but you do not want to go into the business of making, using, or selling the invention, you may be able to license the patent.

The process of applying for a patent is long and complicated. It takes extensive knowledge and skill to navigate the process to avoid losing patent rights and ensuring that any patent issued is commercially valuable. And because patent rights can be time-sensitive, contacting us early in the process is important.

We can help you every step of the way, from determining your likelihood of success in obtaining a patent for your invention, to preparing and filing effective provisional and non-provisional patent applications, and to interacting with the patent examiner to advocate on your behalf. We can also help you license your patent and advise whether your activities would infringe an existing patent.