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Business Law

For matters concerning business law, residents of Midland, MI, should turn to the law firm of Poznak Dyer Kanar Schefsky Thompson, PLC. Whether you are starting your first business and need help managing the paperwork and financing, or you are an accomplished business owner looking to sell your company and move on to the next big undertaking, you can benefit from our legal knowledge and expertise. We give all of our clients personal attention, and go to great lengths to craft individualized solutions based on the unique merits of our clients’ cases.

A business lawyer from our firm will meet with you to discuss your business, your future goals, and the kind of resolution you want for any issues that you may have. If you need assistance with starting or organizing your business, we can help you file the right paperwork and walk you through the regulatory and licensing requirements, including environmental compliance issues. We can also prepare and review contracts, so that you can know exactly what the terms of any business deal means for your livelihood – giving you the freedom to take your business to the next level with confidence. We can also help you with:

  • Purchasing an existing business
  • Liability issues
  • Liquor licensing
  • Employment policies and procedures
  • Employee terminations

When it comes to business law, you can put your trust in the legal team at PDKST. We see clients from Saginaw to Midland, MI and all surrounding areas. We represent individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations alike. No matter what your business is, or how long you have been in business, we would be pleased to talk to you about the many ways your business can benefit from our legal guidance. For more information about our legal services, or to schedule your initial consultation, give us a call today.