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Employment Law

The employment relationship is fraught with legal pitfalls for the employer. What can you ask potential employees during job interviews? Do your compensation policies meet state and federal requirements? How do you avoid illegal discrimination in the workplace? How should you handle employee  terminations to minimize your liability? We can help you to understand these legal issues and to develop policies and practices that comply with the law and reduce your exposure to lawsuits by employees.

At Will Employment

Michigan employers can reduce their exposure to lawsuits by making sure their employees are employed “at will.” We can draft these policies for your company to give you this protection from employee claims. However,  at-will policies alone will not protect your business from claims of violations of state and federal employment laws. We can help you develop policies and practices designed to avoid these claims.

Wages and Hours

We work with both employers and employees to ensure compliance with state and federal wage and hour laws. Overtime, compensable time, employee breaks, and determining who is exempt and non-exempt are complicated issues, and we can provide you with guidance.

Severance Agreements

We work with both employers and employees to craft, understand, and interpret severance and retirement agreements.

Employment Policies and Handbooks
Discrimination Laws

Illegal discrimination in the workplace can have devastating consequences both for employers and affected employees. We can help you develop policies and procedures designed to avoid illegal discrimination, and we can assist you with investigating complaints. We also consult with employees who have experienced workplace discrimination.

Employment Contracts

Many times, a written employment contract is advisable to provide a clear understanding of the obligations of the employer and the employee. We can work with you to draft an employment contract that protects your interest.

Noncompetition Agreements

Noncompetition agreements are legal in Michigan if certain conditions are met. We can work with you to develop noncompetition agreements that reflect the needs of your business and comply with the law.

Beginning and Ending the Employment Relationship

Are your hiring practices in compliance with state and federal law? We can work with you to make sure your hiring process meets legal requirements, whether these involve discrimination laws, drug testing, medical examinations, disability accommodation, or obtaining credit reports or criminal records. Employee terminations are never easy, and the legal pitfalls are many. We can consult with your company prior to a termination to help spot potential legal issues, and help you design a termination package that will protect your company from lawsuits.

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